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University Dining

Welcome to a new kind of company

UDining is a Christian owned company with values that align with our clients. We are passionate about service and our commitment to our clients.  We want to be your true partner in every  sense of the word.

We don’t answer to stock holders, we don’t arrange rebate deals with suppliers, and we don’t have corporate mandates we have to follow. We hope you will find UDining a refreshing change of pace.

UDining is committed to excellence that we desire for our students at OC. I always feel like satisfaction is more important than any financial indicators. In my opinion this approach should be the model for all service providers to universities
Neil Arter
VP for Student Life, Oklahoma Christian University
UDining provides exceptional food and services. The quality of both food and service at OC have increased substantially under UDining
Mike O'Neal
Former President, Oklahoma Christian University
I am honored to enthusiastically endorse UDining and to praise the high quality of food and service they provide to OC
John deSteiguer
President, Oklahoma Christian University

What sets us apart?


We are a Christian based company with values and beliefs that align with out clients.


Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, UDining’s senior management is always close by. We understand what Oklahoman’s want and need.  


The value you get per dollar from our company is unmatched. We don’t nickel and dime you and our service is unmatched.


We want to be on your team. We will be true partners not just in words, but  in our actions on a daily basis. We will give back to the University in ways that will help with Christian initiatives important to your specific University.

What we do

Student Dining

Keeping the students happy is our number one goal. We love hearing their feedback and we work to make and keep them happy.

Theme Nights​

We know that eating in the same place for every meal can get monotonous. To keep the students happy we often do theme nights to change things up. Some of our favorites are Chinese new year, Valentines Day, and Survivor night.

Camps and Conferences

We also partner with you when it comes to camps and conferences. We have the experience to make your event a success.